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Wine and food matching is the process of pairing food dishes with wine to enhance the dining experience.Wine director Thomas Combescot and Esnault worked side by side to draft the menu--a grueling process where every ingredient was dissected for its wine-pairing qualities.

Whether it is a French Champagne, an Italian Prosecco, or a Spanish Cava, you will find remarkable food pairing options for various sparkling wines.This infographic from Dievole looks at the Tuscan Sangiovese wine and some of the great Tuscan dishes it pairs with.When it comes to pairing wine and food, not all those who wander are lost.The best pairing advice is to enjoy the wine you like with the food you like.

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Learn the correct ways to wine taste and understand the elements of tasting and pairing.Unusual Food and Wine Pairings There are some things in life which work better in combination.

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Food and Wine Pairings From appetizer to main course and dessert, you are sure to find a complementary pairing with Wellbrook Wines.

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There are two main theories behind pairings: congruent and complementary.

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In many cultures, wine has had a long history of being a staple at the dinner table and in some ways both the winemaking and culinary traditions of a region will have evolved together over the years.Wine Facts: Burgundy is known as Bourgogne in France, and has a long history in winemaking.

Mostly, you just run with either red wine for meats because they are stronger in aroma and taste, and white wine for fish because they are lighter in aroma and taste.

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Here are some popular wine and food pairings featuring French food and wines.Just as the right combination of ingredients complements and highlights each other to create a gourmet dish, pairing the right wine with a meal creates a combination that celebrates and enhances the experience of both food and wine.

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We pair delicious mustard-inspired food and a flight of DeLoach wine.

Prosecco wine consumption is on the rise and still so affordable so be sure to check out these bubblies for your pairings.

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In congruent wine pairings, there is a strong overlap of flavor compounds between the food and wine, which intensifies the overlapping qualities.Maurice DiMarino, beverage and wine manager for the Cohn Restaurant Group, pairs food and wine for a living.Foods also have flavor components, such as fat, acid, salt, sugar and.We finally have a simple and effective way to pair wine with our meals, thanks to the good people at Wine Folly.

Gregory Dal Piaz from serves up ten classic food and wine pairings that just work.Download the Wine and Food Pairing Chart to help you pick what to drink.

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Look for the following types of food pairings if you are enjoying a Malbec: Leaner cuts of beef Malbec is lower in tannins than many read wines which make it a fine compliment to lean meats.

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A food blog with great, simple dishes and the wines that pair with offers expert wine recommendations, wine and food pairing suggestions, wine tasting videos, wine trivia, interactive wine country maps of Napa Valley and Sonoma, and hundreds of expert articles.

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Wine writer Karen MacNeil has laid out her guide to food and wine pairing in 10 easy principles to help you navigate what can often seem like a maze full of false avenues.As a time to spend with family and friends, give thanks and celebrate, you can make your celebrations a lot better with good food.

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Join today and get immediate access to this article, and to our entire database of more than 345,000 wine ratings.You can adapt the suggestions as you wish by pairing with an equivalent wine from a different country.Pairing foods with wines is very much like discovering wonderful new recipes.

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Malbec does pair well with food like leaner meats as well as many pasta dishes.